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Open in Tweetbot

A Safari Extension to to open Twitter links in Tweetbot for Mac.

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Open in Tweetbot

Open in Tweetbot is a Safari extension to open Twitter links in Tweetbot for Mac. You can download the latest version from the releases page.

Currently Open in Tweetbot handles links to tweets, user pages and searches. All other links get opened in the browser normally. If Tweetbot's URL scheme expands to allow other actions (such as going directly to a user's starred tweets, followers, etc.) support for that will be added later. Links on (and any subdomains) open in Safari, the assumption being that if you're already on Twitter's site, you want to use that rather than Tweetbot.

Any URLs opened in new tabs or windows (either manually typed in or opened via another application) will open in Safari normally.

Any feedback, bug reports or feature requests are welcome, please do so by opening a new issue for the project.

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